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Contract CNC Programming


Contract cnc Programming

We provide production-ready CNC programs for your machine tools. Lathe, mill, multi-tasking, and multi-axis machines. Programed, post-processed, and simulated with Siemens NX.


Our programs are delivered with comprehensive machine setup, tooling, and program  operation documentation. We support you through the first article and needed changes.

Siemens NX Cam Services

Your components expertly programmed in NX CAM. We have extensive experience programming multi-axis machines in NX. We make use of in-house templates and customizations to provide the best service possible.


As this service alone is typically for our customers using NX - We create a similar programming environment at our facility to provide a seamless experience and deliver excellent results. 

Mfg process development

When the "impossible" comes across your desk or you're simply looking to improve the process of a specific component, give us a call. We have built our business with a strong foundation of process development experience. 

Tight tolerances, Complex geometries, pre/post processes, weldments, billet components, we've got you covered. 

Custom Post Processors

In house development of NX CAM post-processors is the key to our contract CNC programming services. We have developed post processors for many types of machine tools.


We can develop NX post processors for your specific machine tool and requirements. 

Machine tool Fixture design

5-Axis milling machine risers, custom dual vise set-up, part-specific fixtures, you name it we can design it. 

 At Datum Works we have many years of experience with machine fixturing and tooling. Our process development and NX CAD services have allowed us to develop the unique skills needed to develop tooling for your most challanging projects.

Siemens NX Cad services

Component/Product design, Assemblies both large and small, Datum Works has the experience to provide excellent solid models and prints. 

Our many years of manufacturing experience has allowed us to provide our clients with an unprecedented design for manufacturing service. 

Custom Training solutions

We help your team sharpen their skills with customized training solutions. We can help in the areas of NX, machine tool NC programming, as well as manufacturing process development.

Remote and on-site services are available.

Siemens NX Implementation

Datum Works has many years of experience with NX site customization and implementation. 


Customized site environments, reuse library, setup and part templates, tool libraries, license file management, etc.

Let us help increase your productivity!

working with us

You will have a single point of contact for your project to provide the best possible customer support. We will have you fill out our request for quote form and be in contact with any other questions. 

We offer short lead times and emergency services.


Our in-house quality system allows us to deliver exellent results. 

NDA's are in our DNA - Our services are always confidential. 

We are Boeing DPD compliant.

We strive for nothing less than perfect quality, on schedule.

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